Importance Of Prayer In School

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The running, the duties and the responsibilities of the school operates on a daily basis. The school starts at 8.50 a.m. with the assembly done by the Head of the school. This generally is to welcome the pupils as well as the educators so as to prepare them for the whole day. Prior to this, a prayer is said. The Head Master/Mistress addresses the school in view to communicate issues at school or messages provided by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources in terms of circulars and pedagogical issues. This generally ends with the National Anthem sang by the whole school, where the classes start at 9.00 a.m.
An attendance is then monitored to deal with the presence and absence of pupils which are thereby communicated to the Ministry of Education and Human Resources and also, noted for the Pupils Monthly Attendance Return (P.M.A.R) at the end of the month by the administration. A Master Timetable is provided by the ministry, which must be respected throughout the whole island by all Primary Schools but from what I have observed; I noted that each educator set up their own time table. The subjects taught at primary level are; Mathematics, English, French, History and Geography, Science and Asian language which are examinable subjects and other non-academic subjects such as Health and Physical Education, Creative education and Citizenship education.
Officially pupils should be provided with breaks of 10 minutes duration thrice in a day between the classes but what I saw is

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