Importance Of Pre Referral Process

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The importance of pre-referral process is to ensure that student tries special accommodations and modifications before student referred to a special education. Some changes in the classroom can make turn student’s performance around and special education services will not be necessary. For instance, changes like make classroom more accessible, sitting positioning, provide additional instructions, and use positive reinforcements can drastically change the dynamics of the classroom. There are some benefits of pre-referral process, it provides forum for teacher, parents and other team members to talk about student and his/hers needs. Also, it improves communication between teacher and parents by involving families in the process. Another benefit…show more content…
In this stage, teacher usually initiates the pre-referral process because of some significant concerns. This step is important because early identification of the problem can help the students in the future and possibly prevent special education services. It is important not to wait until student academically behind, teacher can express concerns about student’s learning in the early grades, rather let them struggle for years. Next in the pre-referral process is the information gathering stage. Information can be gathered in several ways. The referring teacher would collect the information, the school counselor or team member can also help in gathering information. IRIS (2008) about what information is important to collect: - Instructional methods, strategies, and materials that have been previously tried or used; - The student’s skill…show more content…
During this part of the meeting, the members brainstorm strategies that they believe are most likely to meet the needs of the student (IRIS, 2008). For each area of concerns team can choose several strategies. For example, for a student who talks loud possible strategy to control his behavior could be a signal from a teacher like shutting off the lights or a strategy I use in my classroom is a “quiet game”, I give my students time to talk for 1-2 minutes and then it is my turn to talk and teach. It is a good idea to have several strategies handy for each behavior problem, practice shows that not all strategies work the same for some students and it will be necessary to meet with your team members to discuss it

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