The Importance Of Preferral Process

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The importance of pre-referral process is to ensure that student tries special accommodations and modifications before student referred to a special education. Some changes in the classroom can make turn student’s performance around and special education services will not be necessary. For instance, changes like make classroom more accessible, sitting positioning, provide additional instructions, and use positive reinforcements can drastically change the dynamics of the classroom. There are some benefits of pre-referral process, it provides forum for teacher, parents and other team members to talk about student and his/hers needs. Also, it improves communication between teacher and parents by involving families in the process. Another benefit…show more content…
By collecting this information teacher should be able to understand severity of the student’s difficulties in learning. The team can gather this information and proceed to a next level. Information sharing and team discussion is the next stage of the pre-referral process. Very important stage, where the team meets to review the information and start discussing possible strategy on helping a student. Team should always begin with a positive discussion about student’s strengths. After knowing what student can do, team could concentrate on what has to be done to help the struggling student. IRIS (2008) gives us a reminder that in order to ensure that pre-referral meetings run efficiently, it may be necessary for the team to assign additional roles to its members. These might include a facilitator, note-taker, timekeeper, or meeting coordinator. The recipe for success is not to work along, teacher and team members should always work together for student’s…show more content…
After the data were collected the team members will review and discuss it. If the progress has made the team decides whether the teacher needs to continue the intervention. If a student still struggles with academics or behavior issues team determines whether the strategy should be continued, modified, a new strategy should be tried or a referral for special education. According to IRIS (2008) there are no constraints on the amount of time a student can spend in the pre-referral process. It is important for a team to make a right decision sometimes we witness that some students after being referred to special education don’t stay too long in our school, in a year they go back to regular ed. There are some instances where student doesn’t belong to special education. I believe that some regular education teachers are not trying hard enough, and it is so much easier to remove the student from the

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