Importance Of Preschool Education Essay

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Importance of Preschool Education
Children have always hold a special place in my heart and that may be because I have had a wonderful childhood and I am forever grateful. For most of what I believe in right now can be traced down to my early years and that goes exactly to everybody. I often read and chance upon article that says how important early childhood development is as it has a direct effect on a person’s overall development. And I say, it doesn’t only affect but it determines what a person will be like when he becomes an adult. So on a personal note it puts more emphasis on the necessity to invest in preschool education to young children so as to maximize their overall well-being. And I commend the parents of our preschooler for having the same vision because I truly trust that, behind a child’s success is a parent who first believed that his/her child can.
As preschool can be rigorous nowadays, since the children are expected to learn certain skills to prepare them for elementary
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It is imperative that teachers believe in integrating values through education as early as this stage. For as much as 80% of our brain development occurs in the early stage of our lives, the right time to inculcate values is just as parallel. Teachers are indispensable in creating the environment conducive to learning, thus, it is an important consideration among school stakeholders that both physical and emotional environment are created harmoniously to ensure a suitable environment for learning. Classroom routines and the rules and guidelines are observable in each of our preschool classroom, different yet similar, all aiming to make the classroom more manageable and practice actions to mastery. And this does not only serve to be followed by the children alone, but this has to be modeled by the teachers

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