Importance Of Prevention In Medical Science

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There is an age old saying, "Prevention is better than cure" and it holds true for all types of medical condition including fibromyalgia. Even in the medical world, doctors and other practitioners feel say it out loud that prevention is preferable to treatment or cure. The oath taken by graduating doctors also contains the following phrase:

"I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure."

The big question is – why is prevention of a medical condition so important or significant? In order to understand its significance, it is necessary to understand what it is and how it needs to be woven into the society and lives of people.

Scope of Prevention in Medical Science

In the medical terms, prevention or preventive
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Tender point pain: This type of pain can be experienced in the local areas of the body. Patients diagnosed with tender point pain normally experience ache in 10 to 18 different point in their body. The pain normally starts in or around the shoulder muscles and that of the neck. It gradually spreads from there to rest of the areas in the body. The skin of such patients is highly sensitive although they will not experience any pain in joints or any inflammation.

ii. Burning and aching pain: The burning and aching pain comes with widespread stiffness and is often radiated from the point of origin to the nearby areas. When this happens, people are bound to experience pain all the time although the intensity may increase or decrease at different points in time. Most people suffering from the burning and aching pain find the experience mentally taxing and physically exhausting. This constant pain can vary in intensity according to the weather, in the day or night, type of physical activity undertaken, stress, and inactivity. Research has revealed that disturbed sleep can intensify the pain as
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What can people suffering from various nervous system disorders do? How can people experience well being by preventing fibromyalgia?

When people work towards preventing the occurrence of fibromyalgia then the following can be experienced:

1) No tiredness: Tiredness or fatigue can be quite threatening to someone suffering from nervous system disorders. Tiredness caused by prolonged exercise can lead to Central Nervous System Fatigue while tiredness arising out of sleeping disorder can lead to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). This can be completely avoided by following sleep routines, sleeping well, exercising in a balanced way, meditating, and participating in relaxation therapies. When fatigue is not there then that will be one step closer to preventing fibromyalgia and the absence of this condition will ensure better overall health in people already suffering from neurological

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