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The print media is going through unpredictable times. A quick development of the social and electronic media is influencing it in such a large number of ways. In any case, in spite of a typical confusion, this development has not decreased the significance of print media, which has been developing subsequent to the innovation of the printing press. The creation of the Internet and its expanding use has made it less demanding for the print media to achieve a bigger readership than some time recently. For example, giving more space to readers’ perspectives is important now a days.
The most significant transformation between print and other media is that of readership. Just the print media has a readership. Least customs for printing a bit of composing can do well to newspapers or magazines in this season of pace. While the social and electronic media can transmit remarks from its audience right away, the print media can print a careful analysis or any opinion from its readers on its op-ed pages (opposite the editorial page), which is clearly an advantage over the other media.
REFERENCE: Daily Times.

Daily newspaper is an important part of our life. We can 't begin our day without it. It is our daily routine to wake up early in the morning and get the daily most important and recent news in the newspaper with a cup of hot coffee and a tea. It helps us to know the world well, we can read what is going on throughout the world and

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