Importance Of Privacy Under The Fourth Amendment

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The Fourth Amendment protects American citizens from unlawful searches and seizures. Although, if a government agency has a lawful reason the court will present them with a search warrant. This Amendment protects American Citizens from having their personal property searched by the government without a search warrant. With the Fourth Amendment American citizens feel safe and secure from unlawful searches and seizures. The amendment also prevents worry of government trespassing without a warrant. However, the government could be trying to find a terrorist, for example, and be searching phones and/or emails. Furthermore, the Fourth Amendment guarantees people the right to privacy, makes American Citizens feel safe, and precludes worry about…show more content…
The Fourth Amendment 's permits the government to monitor people who are not even thought to be doing anything wrong (surveillance procedures).Telephone calls and emails could be under surveillance, by the NSA or any other government program (Senate Committee).Documents show NSA conducts sweeping surveillance Americans international communications (Senate Committee). The courts must determine what constitutes a search or seizure under the Fourth Amendment (Fourth Amendment). Therefore, The Fourth Amendment does protect our rights to privacy under searches and seizures. The Fourth Amendment makes people in American feel safe and secure. David Sirota says, “National Intelligence admitted illegal surveillance was still taking place"(understand). Chairmen of the house say "NSA is not listening to calls or monitoring emails" (surveillance procedures). NSA 's, component of defense department is engaged in unconstitutional surveillance of Americans (surveillance procedures). "At any time I could wiretap anyone I wanted” states Edward Snowden
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