Disadvantages Of Problem Based Learning

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Register to read the introduction…Project-based learning can be useful in Computer Science courses especially in courses that require the students to apply their knowledge and develop a program or software or system as the end product. This is important in order to prepare the students for professional practices as a software engineer, software quality engineer, software tester, database designer, and so on. For example, Problem based learning can be apply in Software Engineering subject whereby the students are required to participate in a team project that follows the software development cycle which involves requirements elicitation, specification, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance. A software engineer must have good soft skills especially for the first phase of software development whereby in the requirement elicitation, the software engineer has to identify various priorities that different parties (i.e. clients and users) will have for new pieces of software or system. Hence, good communication skills are very important in order to avoid misunderstanding. In addition, ambiguous requirements may cause problem once the software engineers progress to the next phase of development life cycle. As a result, software engineer might develop software or system that does not meet the clients’ and users’ requirements. By implementing, Problem-based learning, students will be able to practice and prepare…show more content…
This is because, it requires a lot of time in terms of planning and implementation. Two hours class is not enough to implement Problem-based learning. In addition it is not easy to develop a good problem and control the students. Sometimes, the students are over excited, and they don’t really sit in a group to discuss the problem. Hence, it is difficult to handle the class unless there is an assistant to assist the instructor throughout the process. However, this method teaches students to be learning-oriented. Students are not only tried to do something just for the sake of getting good marks but they will be able to enjoy the learning processes by participating in the group to solve the given…show more content…
Project-based learning differs from Problem-based learning as it emphasize on product. On the other hand, Problem-based learning emphasize on the process. Hence, blending the two approaches is a good idea. These approaches are suitable to create more authentic, student-centered learning to acquire soft skills. Students will be able to gain a lifelong knowledge and prepare themselves for real-world experience. In fact, graduates must not only possess high order thinking skills but they must have required soft skills needed by future employers in order to succeed and remain in the competitive

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