Importance Of Problem-Based Learning

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According to the case study done by Institut Penyelidikan Pendidikan Tinggi Negara (IPPTN) in 2003, the students’ ability declined slowly in terms of communication skills, confidence level, thinking and problem solving skills, and participation in classroom. Hence result in a serious problem in preparing themselves to enter the workforce. In addition, a Study on Employability of Graduates in Malaysia: A Survey of Employer Perspectives (2012) indicates that 86% employers consider good communication skills are very important and most employers are not satisfied with the way the graduates present themselves. Besides that, soft skills such as teamwork is very important than hard skills when applying for a job.

Soft skills are very important because employers require graduates who are not only able to perform their job functions but have a good personality that fit for the company and make a good impression on clients. In order to prepare the students to enter the workforce and remain in the competitive workplace, educators need to create learning environments that engage the students in ways that help them develop communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, teamwork skills, learning and information management, entrepreneurial skills, moral and professional ethics and leadership skills.

Project-Based Learning and Problem-Based Learning are two distinct learning approaches that can be applied to create a lifelong learning. According to Larry Johnson &
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