Quality Procedure In Construction

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Quality Procedures for a Construction Project
Construction companies and construction projects needed internal procedures and processes to perform professionally. The procedures and process description documents is considered a company’s asset. A quality management system is essential for complex and larger infrastructure projects like hotels, commercial buildings, rail or Airports, Highways, and aquatic Projects etc. The quality construction procedures are adjusted according to the contractual requirements and the construction needs.
It is necessary to make construction plan, write down the construction process and then restart the business to make it more efficient and productive. The health, environment, safety, human resource, and accounting
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It is not easy job to start the construction project with one designer; it requires a team of professional designers, structural engineers, advisers, architects, interior designers, landscape designers, contractors and suppliers etc.
Temporary Works Procedure
Temporary works procedure is crucial to find the engineered solution of a complex construction project, to support an existing structure and permanent works during construction, to improve management arrangements of contractors and to promote knowledge awareness of the importance of managing temporary and The accurate design and implementation of temporary works is an essential element for the prevention of risk and reduction of accidents arising from temporary works failures in construction.
Management of Equipment and Plant
The economic use of proper and appropriate construction equipment for specific construction operations contributes to the economy, construction management, safety, quality, speed and timely completion of a project. Plant management and proper maintenance of equipment is important in civil engineering construction works. Different types of construction projects required different variety of construction equipment like pilling equipment, earthwork equipment, concrete mixing and placement equipment, and hoisting equipment
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The team appointed to check the quality control should have qualified inspectors trained in internationally recognized standards and practices. If the company does not have professional and trained inspectors who do not follow appropriate procedure and do not make right decisions then the construction company has to suffer loss. There are different types of quality inspection services e.g. pre-production inspection, during production inspection, final random inspection, and container loading inspection adopted according to the required construction

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