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Dear, Melanie: Have you been struggling with your development in writing throughout past years? If so, I’ve come to you right in time for the beginning of the semester to aid you with this knowledge. If you want a paper that is “A” grade worthy this technique in writing is influential. The technique which uses five in order steps goes by “Process writing”. Process writing is beneficial when it comes to organizing any type of writing to ensure that you are able to break down the steps of your writing in order to have a well thought out professional end product. In any workplace if you want to succeed it is vital to produce well organized material and you will be able to with just these five steps for process writing, consisting of brainstorming, rough draft, revision, editing, and lastly publishing. Starting out a paper can be difficult without organization. This brings upon the first step, brainstorming. Just as it sounds; brainstorming is the step of getting all your ideas down as much as you can before beginning your paper. Individuals tend to jump right into their papers, which can be draining as well as a waste of time because it gets difficult to organize later. In…show more content…
This is good to do last because it is the step that makes you closer to submitting your assignment with little to no mistakes. Also, it is helpful to save it for the end so you can keep editing for editing instead of throughout your paper where you may still leave mistakes. The more time you spend apart from your assignment the more you will notice. By going back to your paper and keeping editing for last you will afterward catch most grammar, spelling, punctuation and minor mistakes you might have not caught before. Nobody wants deductions for a minor spelling mistake, especially if it can be avoided. Editing is the icing on the cake and allows you with all other steps in order to surely get an “A” grade

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