High School Gls Reflection

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When I first came to the school, I was nervous, excited and scared. I felt this way because I didn’t really know what to expect. My teachers prior to grade 9 told me that things were going to get much harder in high school, while on the other hand, my sister said I was overreacting and there was nothing to worry about. I was also pretty scared because we were freshman, and every grade above grade 9 hates freshman. But I later thought to myself that I have nothing to worry about, millions of people have done this before me, so as long as i 'm focused, i’ll be set for my first high school year.
The first skill that Gls has helped me with is my presentation skills. We had a total of 2 presentations Including this one. The persuasive presentation, and the Gls journey presentation. These presentations have and will help me out during school because many courses require you to present in front of your class. The more you do something, the more you get better at it.
The second skill that Gls has helped me with is my interview skills. If you guys recall we had an interview assignment not too long ago which I found really
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One thing i’ve improved on is adopting a positive attitude. During the beginning of the course I was very negative about gls. I didn’t like the course. But I persevered, my whole mind changed about gls. I started to like it. I thought about the things gls has helped me with and I came across many things. We did the writing process which I thought was helpful. We talked about the worst thing that happened in 2017 and had to write an essay about it. So not only did it prepare me for my future essays in english, it also helped me with my research skills in a way. I had to look back at the year and decide what was the worst thing that happened out of many options. I had to read articles and see how many casualties there were, and I had to choose from an array of many, many
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