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Product placement in movie is defined as, promotional tactics used by marketers to influence and affect the consumer behavior in which characters in a fictional play, feature film, television series, music video, videogame use a real commercial product. Marketers pay movie makers or license a sum of money in order to have their product or brand name in the movie for a certain period of time. With the help of celebrity endorsement for a product brings a positive image towards the brand and influences customer/consumer behavior towards that particular product. Generally product price and its comparison with other product is not done, instead product or its logo or some parts of the brand might be highlighted.
Movies are one of the prominent medium of entertainment in India. The status which a film star has
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In the movie ‘Destination Moon’, 1950, four space travelers rocketed to the moon drinking coke and wearing Lee jeans (Vollmers and Mizerski 1994). Bollywood is not far behind. The product placement in Hindi films started in 1940 in a classic Chalti ka naam Gadi with Coco-cola. In the movie An Evening in Paris, Sharmila Tagore was spotted sipping from a coke bottle, making sure that logo is visible. Then it was Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia in 1973. The Rajdoot Motor Bike the two lovers cavort around on in the film famously known as ‘Bobby motor cycle’ became popular among the youth. Coke in Subhash Ghai’s Taal was the first known product placement in Hindi film. If the product completely involve into the story line or script or scene of the movie then it can create more emotional appeal to audience and also get them attracted towards the product because awareness factor is more in product placements than commercials in television. It is more convincing when Amitabh bachan telling how to use ICICI bank ATM than he performing the same in 30 second
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