Fitness To Practice Essay

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W-7 – PROFESSIONAL BOUNDARIES 1. I chose these competences because as a nurse it is vital to maintain professional boundaries and still be able to provide the therapeutic care without personally getting attached to patients. 2. From the article I learned that it is ok to be present with your patient, and caring about what they might be going through as you provide necessary care and support, but not to excessively worrying about a patient in your personal life/home” (p. 407) 3. The article changed my way of thinking as it increases my understating why I need to maintain professional boundaries by keeping the conversation focused on the patient, provide care and support as a nurse, rather than a friend while keeping strict professional limits…show more content…
I will use this knowledge to take every situation into consideration and knowing that if I were in the situation I would want someone to listen and care for me as best they can. February 27, 2018. #8 W-7 FITNESS TO PRACTICE 1. I chose this competence because it teaches me that I need to have a positive self-esteem and a great attitude towards my clients, colleagues and every situation in order to be able to provide holistic quality care. and teaches me the 2. The article taught me that fitness to practice includes being accountable and being responsible to cope with stress and know how to balance the duty to care for patients with an equal duty to ensure that there fitness to practice competently does not threaten the safety of patients, coworkers or oneself (p. 8) and also knowing scope skills. 3. The article brought an understanding to me that if I am not mentally or physically fit; it’s impossible for me to care for another and meet their needs and can put patients in danger. 4. It will affect my practice in future in the sense that I will maintain my own life balance and be as active as possible in order to provide clients with confidence and instill trust that I can positively make change in my patients
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