Professional Commitment In Effective Teaching

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PROFESSIONAL COMMITMENT Commitment plays a decisive role in effective teaching. Commitment refers to socio psychological bonding of an individual to his profession, its values, and goals. The extent to which the individual behave in an expected manner can be reflected in their commitment to the profession. According to Randall (1985) Commitment was defined as (i) A strong belief in and acceptance of the goals and values of the profession. (ii) A willingness to exert considerable effort on behalf of the profession. (iii) A desire to maintain membership in the profession. Various research studies have revealed that commitment enhances job satisfaction, performance and reduces absenteeism. Professional commitment refers to a mindset reflecting loyalty…show more content…
1.22 FACTORS CONTRIBUTING TO COMMITMENT  Work-related personality  Perceived characteristics of the profession  Professional choice satisfaction  Desire to improve professional skill 1.23 CHARACTERISTICS OF A COMMITTED TEACHER  A committed teacher is an asset to any school  They are hard working and less tardy  Devote more time in accomplishing the goals of the school  Influences students

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