Importance Of Professional Ethics

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Professional ethics is very relevant subject in todays society. For professional ethics the most important think is providing society benefit. In our research paper we will try to answer on questions about professional ethichs. We will try to explain what is the meaning of professional ethics, what is the aim of it and what are the components of proper behavior in the side of profession. There is also important question about how we can improve our ability and judgement in our professionals? When it comes to practice, workers very often face with different types of dilemmas and problems. Usually they are about coflicts of interests or offering gifts. Codes of ethics are also important part when we spaek about this topic. In
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These include the following traits: (1) The profession determines its own standards of education and training. (2) The students professional goes through a more far-reaching adult socialization experience than the learner in other occupations. (3) Professional practice is often legally recognized by some form of licensure. (4) Licensing and admission boards are manned by members of the profession. (5) Most legislation concerned with the profession is shaped by that…show more content…
It is offering something of value in the hope of benefit, to influence decision-making or to obtain information. Such an offer gives threats to compliance of fundamental principles. The existence of this threats depend on the nature of offer. Differences between bribe and gift are following. Bribe is given before, it is usually large amount and it is made in secret. Giver is expecting undue favor and giving bribe is damaging the organization 's reputation and goodwill. On the other side, gift is given after and in small amount. It is made openly and giver is expecting a favor or he is thanking for the favor. No damage is

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