Importance Of Professionalism In Business

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The purpose of this research is to educate or inform people, who are working or about to work in the field of business, about professionalism in the business industry because it is extremely complex and important. Besides from wearing proper attire or having higher education, many set standard of procedures must be abided by to be recognized as professional (Beaton, 2010; Granowski, 2012). As Granowski and Beaton suggests or implies, professionalism is not easy to acquire because it exists for the purpose of satisfying the customers, who are individuals with various and unique personalities. The goal of business is to make profit. As long as customers desire and expect professional service, business must be able to provide that.
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Karpowicz also said in his article that, “the most important aspect of professionalism is how you present yourself through communication.” (para. 3). Communication is a person’s gateway in business. For example, if a person had a job interview for an internship at Bank of Guam, and arrives at the job interview site late, wearing scotts and boardshorts and ungroomed. Chances are even if the interview went well, the interviewer would probably rank that person on the bottom of the list due to lack of preparedness. First impressions are lasting impressions and we as people should always keep that in…show more content…
Is the business worth keeping and are the benefits received worthy enough to keep the business going? These are some questions that many business owners ask themselves frequently. According to the McKinsey & Company (2014, March) website, there are three Cs of customer satisfaction: Consistency, consistency, consistency. First consistency explains how customer service plays a big part in any business. Because if there are no customers or no clients then that means no business and no money being made. The second consistency explains the employees should interact with the

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