Importance Of Professionalism In The Classroom

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To maintain a commitment to professionalism in the classroom, an educator must show an awareness of their job responsibilities, follow an appropriate dress code, keep up with necessary trainings and adhere to the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct. Awareness of job responsibilities is key to being professional in the childcare field. Arriving to work every day, providing a consistent presence will allow the educator to establish positive relationships with the children and their families. Getting to know every child and their families and being attentive to their needs will show the parent that the educator is giving their child the necessary attention that they need. It will also allow the educator to plan activities to fit the cultural and…show more content…
An educator needs to follow all principles including never harming children, using appropriate assessment systems and building individual relationships with each child. When working with the families, educators need to maintain confidentiality when discussing anything about their child. They need to inform the families of any policy decisions and when appropriate, involve them in the decision making. Providing the families with activity sheets outlining what their child experienced each day will also show the families that you are paying attention to their child’s needs. CS-VI-a: I chose to become an early childhood professional because I remember all the teachers that helped me throughout my time as a student. I feel that I need to give back all the same care and love that was given to me as a child. I also grew up surrounded by educators in my own family and spent much time with them when I was young. As a child, my twin sister and I would always play school, taking turns being the teacher and student. It was always my intention to be an early childhood professional, and I feel that I am succeeding in returning all that I have learned to the young infants and toddlers in my

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