The Importance Of Professionalism

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According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, professionalism is defined as "the conduct, aim or qualities that characterize mark a profession or professionalism person." To succeed in a career and be a respected person in the workplace, professionalism is very important no matter the type of work or place of work. Employers look for professionalism in all aspects to be considered for job opportunities. Companies rely on their employees for good reputations, achievement of goals and success of their business. There are different ways to show professionalism at the place of work. First to be a good professional you should be competent about your work. This is evidenced by an article “Peer-reviewed competency assessment engages staff and influence patient’s outcomes”. The article concludes that RNs competency assessment improves professionalism. The more you become competent the more you become professional. Being a good professional, means you are able to work and perform your duties with minimal supervision. Always stay positive when you are corrected by your supervisor, take corrections as part and an opportunity to learn.…show more content…
Professionalism allows people to bring out good professional attitudes, and become respected people among the team members. Communication is very important; either between our team mate or the people we are serving or taking care of. We should be careful when it comes to non-verbal communication that is body language which says a lot. As professional worker it is important to treat others with respect. Professionalism also needs someone to be truthful, honesty and integrity. Your employer should be able to entrust you with duties assigned to you. Good relationship with our colleagues and being able to work as team player show professionalism. It is our duty as employees to show professionalism no matter where we
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