Importance Of Proficiency In English

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English has dominated India despite of being a second language. Even the language has got the characteristics of the country where it born, many reasons can be traced for its dominance, what else the reasons are no one could reprimand the beauty of style and the structure of English. Some people can write good English, some can write good English, even some can be good at both, but not all the English users are good at both, the simple reasons is English is our second language, whatever the way we learn it and get trained it is still our second language, most of the people in India are adapted to their first language which influence was their right from one’s birth, by default the regional language get itself into the state of
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It takes tremendous maturity of hard work and practice. Even to attain the proficiency in English the language users must need to show some character in acquiring it, many language learners are self interested to attain proficiency, for that the first step is self motivation and self reliance, more of all curiosity can boost one’s confidence in gaining the proficiency. No one can acquire proficiency in any language neither in an overnight nor evenin forth night, but the more one practice the better they get perfect. The prominent thing one must do when they are in the act of development is to identify their own abilities and capabilities. They must do a detail analysis of what they pursue and how they pursuedit, since everyone will be good in some sort of skills. Environment creates the abilities and the atmosphere creates the capabilities. This analysis helps one to find out their limits and level of strength and weakness, and briefs them where they are and where they want to reach, the distance between the two gaps will make them to identify the areas they need to work out. In some scenarios self analysis is alone quite enough to evaluate their level, when someone are lapse in knowledge and Intelligence quotient (IQ). In such case if they undergo any evaluation process through outsource it could be a better enhanced process, since most of our demerits are been identified by outsiders in specific, after this…show more content…
It is mandated for the language users to identify the barriers first, in fact to knowwhat is exactly preventing them in attaining proficiency in a language. There are some common languages barriers are identified universally; they are as follows in separate for the skills of speaking, listening, and reading and writing (LSRW) this fundamentally emulates the language

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