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Project management is an art of directing and co coordinating human resources by using new techniques and good management to achieve required objectives of a construction project. There are potential conflicts between the aims with regard to scope, cost, time and quality. These conflicts can be reduce by making the necessary tradeoffs by creating new alternatives. Subsequently, the basic principles a construction Engineer should have at the start of a construction project.
1. At first the plan should be made very clear including delineation of scope. Budgeting, scheduling, setting performance requirements and selecting project participants.
2. Maximization of efficient resources utilization through procurement of labors and resources. Also
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Most commonly used types of contracts and methods of construction delivery are discussed here.

In construction contract the cost of the project consist of the cost for labor and materials, builder profit etc. Before the project begins, the cost are already estimate. There is a risk involved for both owner and a builder concerning. Different types of contracts lie on the risk that who has to pay in case of cost over run, or who keeps the type is between primary contractor and owner and others are between primary contractor and sub-contractor.
Construction Delivery Methods
Construction delivery refers to the relationships between the owner, the builder, and the designer.
• Design –bid-build:
Method of building a structure in which the all work and plan to be executed is designed by a team of architects and engineers and then this plan is solicit bids from the construction firm. After this the wining firm become general contractor.
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Construction Management:
The method of delivery in which the owner hires a construction professional early in design phase. The construction manager works with a design team. The process of construction management emphasis on teamwork. Another advantage is that the owner can also involved in selection of sub-contractor if desired. The advantage of construction management are that the builder must be paid for his participation in design.
The conventional contract:
Is one in which the employs consultants to design the work and to supervise a contractor in the application of plan and design of the work. The contractor is selected on the basis of his suitability

Now a days there is vast range of software which could help a construction engineer in his or her work. If being basic in personal computers we all have basic programs like Microsoft office. A constructional engineer can very efficiently use it and collect data and perform some basic methods related to his or her field. One of the most commonly and widely used software

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