Reason For Project Planning

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Project planning and programming is essential for successful project management (PM). Without planning it is difficult to envisage the successful conclusion of any project or the effective control of time, money or resources. There is more to planning a project than meets the eye and a great deal more involved than simply producing a programme. Planning is also essential when it comes to dealing with construction risks and device safe working methods. This is so through all the stages of the process, from inception all the way to design, tendering, construction and commissioning stages of a project.

The reasons for planning may be summarised as:
• To aid contract control,
• To establish realistic standards,
• To monitor performance in terms
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For instance, a stage programme might be prepared in order to show a part of the master programme in more detail.

Alternatively, the contractor might produce a series of short-term programmes at weekly or fortnightly intervals so as to schedule day-to-day work in detail. Contract planning is done by the main contractor in order to maintain control and ensure that the project is completed on time, within the cost limits established at the tender stage. Subcontractors contribute to the process either by submitting their work programme for approval or thought discussion with the main contractor.

As the contract progresses, the programme invariably changes from its original form. Delays occur, work is disrupted due to design changes and unforeseen events take place, such as the discovery of bad ground or contamination. This causes delay and/or disruption of the programme, recorded on a revised programme which should be constantly updated through the project as the work proceeds and as other problems arise. These programmes are often referred to as the as-built programmes or, alternatively, the programmes of the day and they are a vital tool, enabling the contractor to justify his entitlement to the extensions of time and/or additional payment for loss and
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1.2.4 Method Statement

The preparation of method statements forms is the essential part of the contractor’s planning process as these underpin the programme and explain how the work is to be undertaken. Method statements convey different meanings to clients, consultants, subcontractors and main contractors. A method statement is not simply a list of construction operations with notes written alongside.
It is common practise to combine the construction and safety method statements for each work activity into a single document. This makes sense because safety is an integral factor in the planning process.

1.2.5 Planning a Project
When preparing any programme for a project, it is essential to follow a logical thought process in order to develop a realistic and a workable programme. Working knowledge of the development and construction processes is essential. The level of detail shown in the programme should be commensurate with the project stage under consideration and, wherever possible, activity durations should be based on empirical data or
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