Importance Of Promoting Wellness And Resilience In Children

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Promoting Wellness and Resilience in Children and Young Adults Resilience is defined as the ability to conform to adversity, stress, tragedy or trauma. In essence, it is one’s ability to remain strong, stable and still be able to maintain healthy levels of physical functioning and be psychologically sound even in the face of chaos or disruption. On the other hand, wellness is defined as the overall balance of one’s physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, occupational and environmental wellbeing. Wellness involves a number of life skills that seek to promote wellbeing and also help prevent the outbreak of disease. This paper takes a look at ways in which we can promote and build wellness and resilience in children and young adults from the African-American community. Resilience and wellbeing is crucial especially in children and young adults as it helps develop their self-esteem, gives them a positive disposition towards learning, helps them develop independence and perseverance, assist them in coping with setbacks and challenges as well as help them identify the best and appropriate ways to relate to others. As a counselor, understanding the culture of the group (in this case African American) is an important step towards encouraging wellbeing and resilience. It is impossible for parents to especially in the African-American community to protect their children from the challenges and ups and downs that come with life. However, despite the everyday challenges faced by this

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