Importance Of Pronunciation In Language

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NEUTRALIZATION OF MOTHER TONGUE INFLUENCE- ITS IMPORTANCE RoopaSuzana Associate Professor and Head Department of Linguistics and Phonetics The English and Foreign Languages University Hyderabad, Telangana,India. In the global village that we are living in today, we all have become aware of the competitive advantage that proficiency in the English language gives us in the internationalmarket. Subject knowledge in any area of specialization is very important. But that alone is not sufficient. Today, one must grapple with the emerging trends and become consciousthat hard skills alone will not suffice. Hard skills must be coupled with a command incommunication and pronunciation skills. Together, they will help to consolidate…show more content…
Thesevaried pronunciations stem from the phonology of the first language that the students are exposed to but one common reason is that most learners of English as a second language, fail to understand the unphonetic nature of the language and depend largely on the spelling to decipher pronunciation. For example the word atmosphere is pronounced asinstead of/with the vowel in the second syllable being pronounced as /just because there is an< o >in the spelling. The wordall is most often pronounced as / instead of the choice of the sound /can be attributed to the letterin the spelling. Some others may pronounce words like music,observe, society as```Tsoundinmusicbecomesonly because there is the letterin the spelling. Ts replaced by the GIE vowelbecause of the presence of the letter in the first syllables of the words observe and society respectivelySometimes letters that are supposed to be silent are pronounced. For example, almond is articulated asinstead oflamb as instead of
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