Importance Of Proper Nutrition Planning

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Proper nutrition planning

The goal of proper nutrition planning is to provide nutrients according to individual’s needs and appropriate food intake that will provide energy and biological values in order to preserve and improve health.
Proper nutrition includes the following:
Food containing enough nutrients and calories for the nutritional needs of each individual.
• A balanced intake of solid and liquid food.
• Ensure that each individual is full and satisfied with the taste of the food he or she eats.
However, although at first glance it may seem simple, creating a diet plan for each individual is not an easy thing to do, because of the simple reason that none of us are the same. Some of us have the same energy needs, but different body types – body composition (different muscle mass percentage and body fat percentage), and therefore some diets should be planned with food that have a high percentage of protein than other food. Our body is very complex, which is why we should take into account many factors when planning a proper diet. Some of these factors are the following:
• Body types (body composition). There are several body types and this is a very important factor in the nutrition planning.
• Energy requirements. Each of us has different energy needs, depending on body weight, height, age and physical activity.
• Your health status. Before you start planning your diet, you should consider measuring the levels of vitamins and minerals in your body. If you have

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