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The prosperity message when not taught properly can get way out of balance and more importantly it can get out of God’s will. There are many teachings done today on prosperity that focus on getting more stuff and more things for yourself because God wants to bless you. God does want to bless us and He does want us to prosper but I believe that money is the lowest form of prosperity. So many prosperity teachings seem to focus on you giving the preacher more of your money so God will bless you with more money, cars, and houses. I have heard many different names given to the prosperity message from Health and Wealth, Name It and Claim It, or even under the Faith teachings. The prosperity message it many churches almost seems to guarantee that if you follow certain guidelines then God will pour out blessings upon you. You can be taught to have faith in God for all the health and wealth that you want to have in your life. When it come to the prosperity message the only way to measure success would be to look at someone’s life and see if they are
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Paul is addressing those looking for wealth and riches and gain by any means and some of those were false teachers not teaching with the right motives. We do have to understand that to be rich then is what we would call middle class today. When you desire riches it will cloud your judgment and draw you to a point of no return.
Verse 10
Paul here again uses a proverb that the readers would have been very familiar with about loving money causing all kinds of evil. Stay devoted to Christ and you will remain free from the stress of trying to gain more and more. Just desire what is necessary for life and happiness, which is God. Loving money and chasing after money will cause you to turn away from your faith in God. The love of money will affect your whole life. We are to resist all evil in every form it comes.
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