Importance Of Prostitute In Nepal

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Prostitute and public health in Nepal According to oxford dictionary: - mid 16th century (as a verb): from Latin prostitute- 'exposed publicly, offered for sale ', from the verb prostituere, from pro—before+ statuere 'set up, place '. History of prostitute extends to all ancient and modern culture. It has been described politely as "the world oldest profession". Prostitution is practiced almost in every part of the world. It is legalized in many developed countries, whereas it is illegal in many others countries. According To Punekar and Rao (1967) ' 'A prostitute is a female who habitually offer her body to any person other than the man to whom she is legally married for sexual intercourse or other extra satisfaction for a consideration in cash or in kind. ' ' A prostitute is a woman who uses her body as a commodity and sells sex for money. Apparently, in developed countries with more educated and better health informed people, commercial sex can be less hazardous. But in developing countries like Nepal it’s the major health problem because of unsafe sexual intercourse which is the medium for many fatal diseases to transform from one person to another. STI and HIV/AIDS are the major threats of the world which is spreading mainly because of unsafe sexual intercourses. According to Hilary l. Surratt there are different types prostitute according to the woke place they involve in sex activities like Street ,brothel Escort ,Private sex workers, Window or doorway, Club,

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