Importance Of Prostitution In Nepal

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Prostitution and Public Health in Nepal Nepal is birth place of Lord Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. It is a landlocked country lies between the china and India. Along with beautiful feature of Nepal facing lots of emerging challenges (poverty, unemployment, prostitution and other different social and public health problems like other developing and developed country. Prostitution is one of the most serious public health problems of Nepal. It is a big 21st century’s serious public health challenge facing by Nepal. Prostitution can be define as the, it is a sex business where peoples are agree for and engaging in physical intercourse, and have sex voluntary or involuntarily. It is dealing and engaging in sexual relation for the exchange for economic or other personal benefit. Prostitution also defines as the, it is a one of the most leading social problem facing by Nepal. It is a one of the major social problem, public health problem. In contest of Nepal prostitution is illegal, there is no any lows regarding prostitution. And there is no any definition of prostitution in Nepal. There is no any exact data of prostitution in Nepal. Voluntary prostitution in Nepal is illegal. But the main cities of Nepal like Kathmandu capital city of Nepal, pokhara, bhaktapur, nepalgunj, dang, are main city of prostitution. And also there have many more cities where people go for prostitute every day. More than thousands of young women are working as a sex worker that may be

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