Essay Against Legalizing Prostitution

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Is maintaining prohibition of sex work a solution for everyone? We think not. There are some important arguments used against the legalizing of prostitution that need to be double-checked. Is prohibition a solution? The basic reasons for which society is against prostitution include the fact that it is seen as a dangerous business which encourages human trafficking and promotes the spread of STDs. But at a second glance into the depths of the subject, we find out that legalizing sex work would protect women from violence and abuse and would actually reduce the spread of STDs, also adding revenue for the government. In the context of this debate we should consider things from an open-minded perspective. It is very important that we understand that not everything we disapprove of must be necessarily also made illegal. For…show more content…
The future of sex work Illegal or not, prostitution has always been here and it will remain a constant reality which won’t go away and more people are beginning to understand that visiting a brothel does not make you a degenerate. The focus must be on everyone’s safety. Bringing this subject out of the shadows would end certain types of exploitation sex workers must endure. By now, it’s absolutely clear that no form of prohibition has the capacity of putting an end to prostitution. The debate concerning the decriminalization of prostitution is unending, considering all the different arguments that people have when it comes to issues such as morality, law and health. But we must acknowledge that this act is a real and present one and, legal or not, society, the governments and the sex workers themselves should do their own share for everyone’s sake and
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