Importance Of Psychological Assessment

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Psychological Assessments and its Importance with an Evaluation of Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Psychological assessment is defined as a tool/method that involves an individual performing some behavior that can be used to find out a personal quality, trait, or characteristic assumed to be vital to understand behavior or to predict outcomes (Groth-Marnat, 2003). Simply they are the a medium used by trained professionals such as a psychologists in order to learn information and facts about another individual to gain a clear picture of how the individual is functioning also as a way to predict their behavior and functioning in the future. Psychological test contributes in finding the root cause of the individual’s problem in broader manner so that a proper treatment plan can be fabricated hence the well-being of the individual can be maintained (Cook & Beckmen, 2006). Such assessments and tests have been developed and are mainly used to define and investigate individual differences in psychological areas such as intelligence, personality and mental abilities. Though these assessments were earlier used in educational classification in army, colleges and schools, today psychological assessments does not only serve the purpose of classifying people according to their intelligence but also assists psychologists to diagnose individual’s, helps teachers to provide students with educational guidance, helps psychologists to find root causes of problems in therapeutic

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