Becoming A Sport Psychologist Essay

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Have you wondered why many athletes who deal with serious problems, seem to succeed? Their success is mostly the result of a the sport psychologist, who is working with them to improve their mental state. Sport psychologists take a caring approach on personal and public matters. Studies have shown the various outcomes of using a sport psychologist, in many different sports. This is why there is usually a person behind the athlete in any sport, whether it is a sport psychologist and or a role model. A sport psychologist can determine your state of mind, and evaluate it. This process has caused the conclusions of many studies, to help those in an unhealthy state. In a sense, you must certainly trust a sport psychologist to deal with your personal thoughts. Additionally, the person seeking help is benefiting from the psychologist. In today’s society, we are mostly working together for the greater good. However, the path to a sport psychologist can be…show more content…
In this case, you would want to earn a clinical and master degree in sports psychology. This would help me earn more respect on my resume. With this degree, you could work with higher level athletes and universities. Additionally, you would need to join internships with sports performance to help increase my experience within the field of work. This means that a sport psychologist would have to get hands-on action or follow a mentor within private practice. Then that would cause the need to study the mindset of therapists. Overall, this all comes down to the interests of what a sport psychologist wants to do in the future. All of these degrees are great, but the reputation of yourself needs to remain highly respected of other persons. According to, “trust is the main factor that plays into the study of sports psychology.” (Career) Lastly, looking over my sources, they all point to having experience; this will help me to become a sports

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