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Public Opinion is a term which is used for the general opinion of the persons who constitute public of any democracy. It is a growing and historically and traditionally a very important concept. In the Indian context, Public Opinion refers to the opinion of the general public on any important matter that took place in the nation, the opinion of the administrative and the bureaucrats for the same, the opinion of the judiciary, especially in terms of the minority and dissenting opinion. It also constitutes the opinions and voices of the legal community who form an integral part of the same.
Public Opinion is important because of the fact that it helps the government in understanding the sentiments and notions of the general public.
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Although these limitations are under no capacity to outnumber the numerous pros attached to it. Public Opinion is carried out as a process where for example, in the very recent case of Nirbhaya Gang Rape, there was a formulation of an opinion amongst the general public through the medium of print and mass media, educational institutions, social networking, etc. and then people got together and voiced their opinion by way of protests and peace - marches. It also somewhat took a violent turn. However, this process further moved on to include various national and international human rights and protection of rights of women organisations who started voicing their opinion on the matter. The public opinion surged to a level that the Court had to conduct all its proceedings in a fast track manner, giving out the ruling as early as possible. And the aftermath of public opinion could be seen in the final judgment as well, wherein all the convicts were given death penalty. Further, the Legislature went on to enact a new legislation, the Nirbhaya Act for the same.
All of these acts of executives, judiciary, persons in power and hold of some official capacity and the general public; together constitute Public Opinion. And the importance and significance of the same in the Indian context will be better understood by looking at the various aspects discussed in the
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