Financial Aid Disadvantages

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Public Policy: Financial Aid (FAFSA)
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a mean of financial aid available for future college students that have financial circumstances. Typically, FAFSA is usually available for families that have low-income. The United States Department of Education is the provider of this financial aid that students may fill out a free application to receive financial support. The financial aid is also available for parents whom may are trying to re-register for college courses. Students who are graduating from high school are the targeted audience the U.S Department of Education is trying to reach and assist. During college, students will have to meet other requirements to remain eligible for FAFSA. The financial aid provides grants, loans, and work-study up to $5,290, which will decrease college cost. Parents needed to fill tax information and the particular financial circumstances their family face on a yearly platform. FAFSA can be obtain on the internet worldwide and services are available 24/7 daily, except on Sundays.
Deadlines, eligibilities, requirements, and limitations are issues that must be taken into consideration. Misusage of FAFSA may cause debit, suspension from college, and imprisonment. In order to receive this financial aid, students have to apply before the
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Based on the requirements and eligibilities, the wealthy and some middle class families are unable to receive this financial aid. State Financial, for example, Mississippi State Financial Aid, is a public policy established to assist FAFSA. The Loan Forgiveness Program, mentioned before, is another public policy established because of the development of FAFSA. Other scholarships, grants, loans, and funds support programs were created to fulfill the full cost of college

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