Importance Of Public Transportation

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Individual Research Paper
Topic: Transportation and infrastructure
Focusing question: “To what extent does public transportation improve the quality of people lives?”
Nowadays, with the development of modern technology, people’s way to travel has become more and more diversified, public transportation has become one of the hottest topic, there are a lot of arguments about it, so that I decided to choose this issue and started wondering to what extent does public transportation improve the quality of people lives?
Gathering perspectives
1. "Unlike energy strategies that require investment in more costly technologies, this is a set of investments that simply require investing in better public transportation and making streets safe to walk and bike."
By Mark Kinver Environment reporter, BBC News
It is more efficient for the government to invest in the public transportation system than investing in energy strategies and in that way more capital can be saved and be used to promote infrastructure.
2. “Public transport 'can ease jams '. Reliable buses and trains are a simple and vital way of easing congestion on Britain 's roads, campaign group Transport 2000 says.”By Justin Fenn, an environmentalist.
With the help of the public transportation system, the traffic jam that is the most serious problem in the world because the quantity of private cars is increasing everyday can be eased.
3. “A good public transport system must be easy and convenient to use, fast,

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