Essay On The Human Side Of Enterprise

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As Douglas McGregor sustains in his book, “The Human Side of Enterprise”, is up to a manager to discover the unexploited potential that lies in the already existing resources, thus raising effectiveness. Due to this, I believe that it is essential for the one put in charge with this role to be able to assess human capital value, control the budget, train new candidates and mediate conflicts. What makes me eager to study abroad and apply for this course is the multiple perspectives on international events, strategic application of knowledge, the way that it embodies many areas which represent an interest of mine, such as law, psychology, leadership and career preparation, together with the intercultural experience, personal development and the high rate of employability. I am interested in this profile in higher education for a number of reasons, the headmost one being that it will represent a direct guide into my future career ambitions by offering me an extremely well structured base for a range of possible vocations in management and similar domains, such as human resource consultancy, employee relations and public sector management.
Within academics, I have challenged myself to succeed as much as I have been able to, in efforts to better
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I bear strong organizational skills, I am capable of working as part of a group or independently, competences that I have gained through my academic and volunteering experience. Amid what I consider to be my key strengths, I should mention the ability of making analytical judgements, objectively assessing situations and people management. I have very good interpersonal skills which allow me to clearly present problems from varied topics to my target audience, and can prepare well thought out, rigorously structured presentations for both individuals and

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