Importance Of Purpose To Study Business Administration

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During my teenage years, I discovered that the most significant obstacles in my life were my fears and self-imposed limitations. The obstacles I faced taught me that problems are an opportunity to think about different ways to perform a task and get results not only for my benefit but for the benefit of others as well. I have found in business administration the tools and knowledge to break paradigms about how to do something, and also help others along the way.

When I was 13, my uncle helped my family because my father had lost his job, and he could not provide for us. My uncle had the resources to do this because he had his own company, a printing office. He did not go to college, but this was not an obstacle. He started his business at a very young age, and after several years of hard work, his company reached success. He always took care not only of his family but also of his employees, and when they wanted to start their own business, he helped them. His perseverance taught me that when something gets in your way, giving up is not an option even if you are afraid. I learned that I could conquer my fears, and I should not think that I was incapable of doing something. After seeing him, I decided to study business administration, so I could do the same he had done.

During my undergraduate career, I participated in projects related not only to management, mathematics, and finances but also to corporate social responsibility. My experience as a research intern gave me a

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