Importance Of Qualitative Analysis

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Qualitative analysis helps us identify important categories in the data, as well as patterns and relationship through a process of discovery. The social context of the subjects, thoughts and actions becomes essential for interpretation. It is an iterative and a reflexive process and jots down the meaning of the text rather than any empirical formulae. It is about analyzing the underlying meanings under the text through soft nuances and behavior. My topic needs Qualitative analysis as it opens a forum for discussion and interpretation. The analysis is not direct and unidirectional. It has a broad scope and invites arguments and views on this issue. My topic is the need of the hour and needs public attention and debate. Qualitative would break down the argument to examine each of the issue thoroughly and meticulously. To get an extremely credible figure to talk on this topic, a brief interview was conducted with Mr Ram Prasad Sharma, designated senior Judge of Guwahati High Court, Assam. I hereby put forward the discourse of the interview. Q. Today 's media is beyond just mere depiction of facts. They create public opinion. Your views on it? A. Being the fourth pillar of the Indian Constitution people can express their opinion freely and fairly without being suppressed from any end since the media plays a vital role in uncovering the truth and rousing public opinion, especially in the face of wrongdoing and corruption. Q. Does media have the capacity to lure/sway the
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