Importance Of Qualitative Research In Administration

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The administrative unit is very crucial in the today’s business world. It is through the administration services that business productivity can be gauged. However, it is worth noting that administrative functions are best when performed depending on qualitative research used. Qualitative research is an integral part of management used by an organization to receive opinions, feedback and any insight from clients, concerning the organization products. It is through qualitative research that the management and the administration are able to understand the market, the personnel efficiency, product research and development and marketing. Qualitative research is wide. It entails several methods of research such as use of focus groups to generate feedback. Observations are also important. Surveys, collection of artifacts and data analysis also cannot be underscored in the process of administration. Qualitative research is also an effective means of generating new ideas and determining the organization behavior (Silverman, D. 1997).
Thesis statement
Qualitative research is a very efficient method in the determination of how to administer duties in an organization. It has been known as a means through which employee performance can be improved; thus lifting the quality of the administration functions in an organization .
Qualitative Methods and Tools Used in Administrative Field
Qualitative research is a scientific research method that is basically used for

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