Importance Of Qualitative Research

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In this study, I am using qualitative research as Deil-Amen (2011) believes qualitative research is necessary to reveal students’ social-psychological perspectives that inform their decisions and behaviours, and inform participant about the aim of study (Deil‐Amen, 2011).
Qualitative research methodology also found out to be necessary to the work that relied on interviews across their freshman year to discover how students negotiated the borders and barriers between the worlds of high school, peer group, university, family, and workplace, utilizing their own abilities, cultural models, and institutional support (Beach, Lundell, & Jung, 2002).
When comparing quantitative and qualitative approaches, Creswell defines a qualitative study as “an inquiry process of understanding a social or human problem, based on building a complex, holistic picture, formed with words, reporting detailed views of informants, and conducted in a natural setting” (Creswell, 1994).
Creswell (1994) goes on to list a number of reasons a researcher may choose to use qualitative research methodology over quantitative, including when we want to:
- Discover a problem
- Study a group or population
- Classify variables that can be measured
- Gain a detailed understanding of the issue
- Hear silenced voices
- Empower individuals to share their stories

3.1 Method
I will be using Phenomenology study in my research as well, as this is the study of the shared meaning of a similar experience or situation by

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