Essay On Quality Assurance In Health Care

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1. Introduction Quality assurance in healthcare means maintaining high quality of healthcare by constantly measuring the effectiveness of organizations that provide it. A huge amount of knowledge and experience in enhancing the quality of health care has accumulated worldwide overtime. But still, the problem frequently faced by policy-makers (in both high and low middle income countries) is to know which quality strategies would have the greatest impact on the outcomes delivered by their health systems. There are two main reasons for promoting focus on quality in health systems at this time. (a) Firstly, even with the well-developed health systems, there are clear evidences that quality remains a serious concern, with expected outcomes not predictably achieved. Also, there are wide…show more content…
It is well acknowledged today that many low-income countries will have considerable difficulties w.r.t healthcare services. The lack of adequate financial investment, the fragmentation of the delivery of health services, and reduced quality are considered key hindrances to the successful employment of health programs. For this reason, the core focus should be on aiding national and regional decision-makers and managers choose effective planned interventions. 2. Dimensions of Quality Any health organization should pursue to make developments in six areas or dimensions of quality. These dimensions require that health care be: (a) Effective - Providing health care that is advocate to an evidence base and results in enhanced health outcomes for individuals and communities, based on need. (b) Efficient - Providing health care in a way which make best use of the resources and avoids waste. (c) Accessible - Delivering health care that is well-timed, geographically practical, and provided in a setting where abilities and assets are appropriate to medical
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