Health Promotion Essay

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Healthcare is a key component in national development which all governments have to set as a high priority. As the saying goes, a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Without quality healthcare the working force will be unproductive hence a dwindling economy. Ensuring quality healthcare is a never ending process. Policy makers, bureaucrats and health personnel have to understand their environment, adopt to change, implement plans and many more. The job of ensuring quality Healthcare does not lie on the providers alone but health consumers on the other hand also have to play their part to prevent ill health in order not to waste the limited resources. However, the process of ensuring quality healthcare is not black or white. This is because Health…show more content…
In many cases, cost reduction is the common reason for that preference but allocation of resources could suggest otherwise. Even though health promotion activities may prove to be less costly in the short run there is no conclusive evidence that cost will be reduced in the long run. (LSEPS, 2008) The reason for the preference for health promotion should be cost effectiveness rather than cost reduction. Investing in health promotion activities helps to attain good health and improved quality of life by reducing the occurrence of diseases (suffering) whilst curative care helps recover good health but affects quality of life by increasing the risk of occurrence of disease (suffering). As the saying goes, “it is better to avoid someone from falling off a cliff than to pick him up from the…show more content…
The representatives concluded that there are a number of fundamental conditions that are required to ensure health and they include the following; Peace, shelter, education, food, income, stable eco-system, sustainable resources, social justice and equity. Also, they made mention that improvement in health involves the use of basic principles that public health workers are to go by such as Advocacy, enabling (facilitation) and Mediation. (W.H.O, 1986). The charter provided 5 main action plans by which health promotions can be met and they are as
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