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Quality in higher education has turned out to be the primary agenda at universal level. Education is the key to creating, adapting and spreading knowledge in all disciplines and subjects. Education plays a vital role in the development of any nation. Higher education is a powerful tool to build knowledge for an information based society. It is a powerful instrument for creating knowledge and information based society. Therefore, the higher education is to be the best on both quantity and quality. The mission and vision of higher education is to educate, train, and undertake research activities and service to the community. Higher education is nothing but production and dissemination of knowledge. Therefore, the higher education is to be the best on both…show more content…
The Indian system of higher education has always responded well to the challenges of the time. In the changing context marked by expansion of higher education and globalization of economic activities, education has become a national concern with an international dimension. To cope up with this changing context, countries have been pressurized to ensure and assure quality of higher education at a nationally comparable and internationally acceptable standard. Consequently many countries initiated national quality assurance mechanisms and many more are in the process of evolving a suitable strategy. It is the quality of higher education that decides the quality of human resources in a country. Higher education as we see today is a complex system facilitating teaching, extension and international cooperation and understanding. The most important factor that should be taken care of is to provide higher education without compromising on the quality of

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