Importance Of Quality Journalism

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News helps people to know about current situation taking place around the world in all fields of activities. The purpose of journalism is to provide citizens with the information they need to be free and self-governing. There is no universal criteria for defining quality journalism and not even the Pulitzer Prize, the world’s best known award for journalistic excellence, has a set criteria for judging about what makes a piece of journalism fit to win the prize. Judgments of quality are often based on culture or dependent on socio-economic background, educational level, etc. Then there is the never ending dispute about objectivity, public trust and the quest for truth in journalism. Some people in the UK do not trust the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph although both are considered to be quality newspapers. It is possible to look at quality journalism from the eyes of the public from three main perspectives: – how well do the media inform, educate and entertain its audience? What does the public think of the media’s performance? Undoubtedly newspaper organizations want to know what their readers want or need and for that they conduct reader surveys to find this out. Of course, most publications have their own quality criteria and ethical code that are essential to quality journalism. The newest element of journalism is the role of the citizen. A journalist’s first loyalty and accountability is to the citizens reading and watching the news. Quality journalism is the

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