Importance Of Quality Plan

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Project Introduction

This international standard was prepared to address the need for guidance on quality plans, either in the context of an established quality management system or as an independent management activity. In either case, quality plans provide a means of relating specific requirements of the process, product, project or contract to work methods and practices that support product realization. The quality plan should be compatible with other associated plans that may be prepared.

Among the benefits of establishing a quality plan are the increased confidence that requirements will be met, greater assurance that processes are in control and the motivation it can give to those involved. It may also give insight into opportunities
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The quality plan should be prepared with the participation of people who are involved in specific case.

Documenting the quality plan
The quality plan should indicate how the required activities will be carried out, either directly or by reference to documented procedures. When a requirement results in a deviation from the organisation’s management systems, it should be justified and authorised.

In preparing the quality plan, the organisation should agree and define the respective roles, responsibilities and obligations both within the organisation and with the customer, regulatory authorities or other interested parties. Those administering the quality plan should ensure that the person it refers to are aware of quality objectives and quality issues or controls required by the quality plan.

Consistency and compatibility
The content and format of quality plan should be consistent with the scope of quality plan, the inputs to the plan and needs of the intended users. The need for compatibility with other plans should also be
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The quality plan should identify the audits to be performed for the specific case, the nature and extent of such audits and how the results of the audits should be used.

Review, acceptance, implementation and revision of quality plan

Review and implementation of quality plan
The quality plan should be reviewed for adequacy and effectiveness, and should be formally approved by an authorized person that includes representatives from relevant functions within the organisation.
A quality plan may need to be submitted to the customer by the organisation for review and acceptance as a part of a pre contract consultation process. Where a project is conducted in stages, the organisation may be expected to submit a quality plan to the customer for each stage.
Implementation of quality plan
Distribution of quality plan
Training in the use of quality plans
Monitoring conformity with quality plans

Revision of the quality plan
The organisation should revise the quality plan
To reflect any changes to quality plan

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