Essay On The Importance Of Quantitative Research

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The Importance of Quantitative Method in the Healthcare Field

The healthcare field uses many different types of research to improve their overall service deliveries, staff working conditions, and effectiveness of new medications being used to improve patients condition. And one of the research methods used in the healthcare field is quantitative research. The Quantitative research method is widely used in the healthcare field to quantify behaviors, attitudes, opinions and other important variables from a large sample of data collection. Quantitative Research is also used to quantify the problem by way of generating numerical data or data that can be transformed into usable statistics (Defranzo, 2011). Unlike qualitative research, quantitative research data collection is well structured and it uses data to uncover facts and patterns in a particular research. Most quantitative research is conducted by an online survey, face-to-face interviews, phone interviews, polls, and systematic observations. When researchers use quantitative research, they usually don’t have all the information they’re looking for. They have to collect all the data necessary to get their final results. The purpose of
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Quantitative research has improved the overall delivery of health services, helped healthcare managers improve their facilities, and helped healthcare professionals learned more about diseases and other health-related issues. For example, quantitative research studies are needed in epidemiological investigations, in which Nursing participates, but can still explore much more, both in the diversity of epidemiology projects, allowing the identification of the most vulnerable groups of the population, risk factors (Nery, 2017). In this case, Quantitative research is used to collect different data to get the results of the epidemiological investigations
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