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Rabies is one of the listed priority diseases under the Integrated Disease Surveillance Response (IDSR) system. Dog bites are used as a representation for suspected rabies. They are usually reported on a weekly basis through the standard reporting form (MOH 505) at the health facility level. A copy is then sent to the Sub-County Disease Surveillance Coordinator (SCDSC). The SCDSC ensures that all reports at the health facility are summarized. A copy is sent to the Kenya Disease Surveillance and Response Unit (DSRU). In addition, there exists a case based surveillance system within IDSR where a standard form (MOH 502) is used to collect epidemiological data on the suspected human cases. This form accompanies the specimen (brain) to the laboratories…show more content…
There are various Acts of parliaments that regulate prevention and control of rabies in Kenya. They include:
i) Rabies Act-Chapter 365 enacted in 1932 to provide for the suppression of rabies, ii) Animal Diseases Act-Chapter 364 enacted in 1965 to provide for matters relating to the diseases of
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2.7.7 Inadequate Surveillance
The true burden of rabies in Kenya and in high risk areas has not been defined due to gaps emanating from data collected in the national surveillance system. This has made it difficult to target prevention and control measures.
In the IDSR system, dog bites are used as a proxy for suspect rabies cases in humans. However, dog bites are under-reported in health facilities resulting in missed cases and misclassification of deaths due to rabies. There is underreporting of suspected rabies cases in dogs and other livestock due to the passive nature of the surveillance system. Inadequate sharing of surveillance data between the human and animal health sectors at both county and national levels has resulted in inability to prevent human rabies, early detection and timely response to rabies outbreak.
The national surveillance data is unreliable, meaning that the true burden of the disease in the country or high risk areas remains undefined; making it difficult to target prevention and control measures.
2.7.8 Inadequate laboratory

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