Essay About Racial Freedom

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For many years, racial freedom has been developing in order to incorporate equal rights for everyone. Other races besides white people have been recognized nowadays unlike years before. They now obtain new roles in the community that weren't attainable for them during past times. Even though it hasn't improved as much as we wanted it to, racial discrimination has gone a long way and has progressed to diminish racism. Reasons why racial freedom has improved over the years are so that colored people can encounter better jobs and education opportunities, are given more respect and obtain equal rights unlike previous times.
Job and education opportunities were not given and had to be earned, but in some cases a colored person couldn't try to procure a professional job. "In 1940, 60 percent of employed black women worked as domestic servants; today the number is down to 2.2 percent, while 60 percent hold white-collar
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"The Civil Rights Act of 1964 hastened the end of the legal Jim Crow Laws. It secured African Americans equal access to restaurants, transportation, and other public facilities. It enabled blacks, women, and other minorities to break down barriers in the workplace." ( Moreover, this made people from other cultures feel more secure than before, showing that racial freedom did get better. Instead of being segregated and apart from others, it brought every race together. "In 1958, 44 percent of whites said they would move if a black family became their next-door neighbor; today the figure is 1 percent." ( Knowing that people like you in regard of your race is meaningful, since they accept you for who you are and not for the color your skin might be. Being humble and not judging people for a simple color, shows respect to others and support the claim that racial prejudice is getting better as years pass
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