Importance Of Racial Harmony In Malaysia

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Our country, Malaysia is a small, tropical country that lies within South-East Asia. Although it is small, it has a number of things to boast about. And the most prominent among these things is its multiracial community. This is due to people of different races living together in harmony within the borders of this little country. This has shaped Malaysia into a melting pot of vastly different cultures and religions, creating diversity. However, the same cannot be said for the past few decades. This is because of selfish politicians playing the controversial “race card” to gain support from a particular race. These selfish actions have worsened the relationships between races and affected the harmony that was once our nation’s pride and joy. Thus, it is our role as Malaysians to find new ways of promoting racial harmony, because honestly, who would want to live in a country where everyone hates each other? People of different races have their own respective cultures and lifestyles. Despite that, the first step to achieving racial harmony is actually to look past our differences. What we should be seeking out instead is our similarities. As in what makes us truly Malaysian. A good example of this is our shared love for “mamak” stalls. According to a lot of Malaysians, there is nothing that symbolises Malaysia better than “mamak” stalls. These stalls serve a variety of mouth-watering food such as the iconic “roti canai” and the infamous “teh tarik”. People of
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