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‘Rakshabandhan' is an Indian festival, indicative of the special bond between the brothers and sisters. The word ‘Rakshabandhan' has a special meaning. The word ‘Raksha' means the safety and ‘Bandhan' means a promise. This festival is a promise which the siblings make to one another. It is believed that the brother promises that he will take care of his sister all through his life. It is like he is bounded to so. This means that at any point of time, he just cannot step back from fulfilling his promise or duty, which he has made to his sister. This festival has a very special significance in India. It is celebrated every year with happiness and enthusiasm. There will be no brother or sister who doesn't visit the siblings, in order to celebrate this festival. Even people from other states or other countries, does not leave any stone unturned to meet their siblings. It is a sort or tradition for them to…show more content…
There is a very special way of celebrating this festival. There is a thread called ‘rakhi' which every sister ties on the hand of her brother. This thread is indicative of the promise that the brother makes to the sister. And it also indicates that this thread will never let the brother forget that promise. Those siblings who live far away, sends ‘rakhi' through post or courier, but they make sure that this festival is celebrated. This festival is really very special festival for Hindus and for Indians as well. It is believed that Indians remains Indians, no matter where they go. The exchange of rakhi even in the foreign countries is a clear example of this. It does not matter how far the other sibling is, but they will surely send rakhi, without fail. In this technological world, siblings can see one another on video calls and then they celebrate this festival. This is done so that the siblings should not feel that they have missed this festival. It is a sort of love that they show to one another, even when they are far away from one

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