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For many children reading text aloud helps to develop their skills as active listeners. Listening how the teacher reads a text demonstrates a model for fluent reading and pronunciation of unfamiliar words. Read aloud also maintains each student’s participation and focusing on how the reading process works. Reading aloud allows students not only to understand the plot of the story, but also catch the meaning beyond the text. Reading aloud motivates students to read and provides many benefits in building vocabulary, learning the reading process in a meaningful context, modeling fluency, and simply practice how to think-aloud. In my preparation for read aloud lesson I first relied on the amount of the text and vocabulary that could possibly be accommodated for the first or second grade. I tried to choose the book that would be interesting and students of that age are able to understand it. The goal of my reading aloud class is to replenish students’ vocabulary and teach them to analyze the text. One of the requirement for read aloud text was the amount of reading. The text should not be too long, approximately ten to twenty pages long accompanied with colorful illustrations on each page. I stopped my choice on the book “Dragon with a cold” written by an amazing New Zealand author Joy Cowley.…show more content…
Asking questions while reading helps students do not loose the track of the story line and better understand the story’s meaning. It develops child’s ability to think critically while they are reading the text. For the most of the kid’s books the answers your questions can be answered within the text. However, sometimes the student should to think beyond the text, also known as making inferences. The questions that I designed for read aloud session supposed to help the students to draw the connections between the story and the questions, and create a deeper thinking about the

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