Importance Of Reading Aloud In Reading Comprehension

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Reading aloud in reading comprehension
Reading is one of the other skills in language where we analyze and interpreted by readers for getting information from passages. Reading is also one process to understand the knotted of meaning or written things by look at mind within words. In learning language skill there is one best strategy to improve reading comprehension. That is reading aloud. As we know that Reading aloud is kind strategy of reading that doing by someone for getting ideas or information from passages. Kind of passages that we used in reading such as history, legend, news report, and others passages. It is like when the teacher reading orally then students will response her or his voice in reading thus they will get message from passages. From this activity that implemented make students increase their comprehension, as well as to be interest and motivated them.
Reading aloud has many advantages in learning. Those are; first can improve in reading comprehension. The teacher can use reading aloud to improve student’s background knowledge and their skill in reading (Meller, Richardson, & Hatch, 2009). It is based on investigation that conduct by Santos (1987) in Amer (1997) reading aloud has positive effect for learners particularly ability to inter- relate, interpret, and conclusion of draw from content of passage. Besides the teacher can guide learners in learning second or foreign language (Güler, 2013). It means that reading aloud is a useful strategy in
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