Importance Of Reading And Writing

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As a little girl I hated reading and writing. I remember back when I was in 1st grade, I would say "oh how much I hate reading". My teacher would always make us read for about 20 min every single day, I remember that day like if it was yesterday. She would let us sit anywhere in the floor or even on the table. We were half way throughout the school year and I would just sit there and look at the books without reading a single word. My mom would buy me many books, she would buy me books such as The Hunger Games, and also the Twilight series. She would buy them for me because she wanted me to read them out loud at home and become a better reader, she also knew that would help me with my writing. This would help me with my writing by showing me how writers would set things up. I remember saying no I wouldn’t read them, I would just go to my room and sit there and do nothing. One day my teacher decided to contact my mom and inform her that I wouldn’t read in class and that I wasn’t achieving my AR goal and that night I remember my mom sitting with me making me read to her for 25 min straight. As I started to get older I realized that I also hated writing so much with such a passion. As I started getting older, I got into Middle School year I realized that all the English teachers would make us write essays. I would have such a hard time starting my essay 's. I remember I would turn it into the teacher and they would give me back the paper and it would have a lot of mistakes,
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